Collapsible Wine Glasses

Collapsible Wine Glasses

You no longer have to settle for whatever glass you have on hand when you're away from home.

Instead, with one of our collapsible wine glasses, you can drink your best wines out of a classy glass and don’t have to worry about damaging your best glassware. Ideal for camping, the collapsible glass is compact and takes up very little space. Because they’re available at a cheap price, you can buy a whole set for the camper and be ready for company.

While it is in its travel case, the glass is a close-packed bell shape with the stem tucked neatly into the goblet part of the glass, but you can quickly transform it into a classic wine glass. A fun, inexpensive gift for wine lovers, the portable plastic wine glass can be custom printed with one of our personalised designs. Add a name or set of monogrammed initials to the cup portion of the plastic glass for a unique touch. That way, when you give it for a birthday present or thank you gift, the giftee knows you’ve put extra thought into the gift with their name or monogram. A great idea for the bridal party, you can get each of your bridesmaids an awesome wine glass to use during all the wedding-related celebrations. They can pull out the personalised portable glass for the bachelorette, bridal shower, engagement party, and more. Or, get a matched set for a wedding gift to the newlyweds and put their married initials on them for their cupboards at home or their camper trailer!


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