Adult Accessories

Adult Accessories

While our innovative mask design has been created with true comfort in mind, wearing a face-covering for long periods can leave your ears feeling irritated and sore. To avoid this, try our mask extenders. They're an easy to use, inexpensive way to relieve stress on the ears. The ear loops of your mask slip into the notches of the extender, then you can wrap it around the back of the head to hold the covering in place. If you're looking for a more style-forward option, you can use one of our soft and stretchy headbands with a button on either side to hold your mask in place. To use, loop the mask's ear bands around each button to take the pressure off the back of your ears. Not only are they fully functional, but they're a stylish hair accessory too! It is a new, modern look, but it's a quality one you can feel good about.

A reusable travel bag can protect your mask while it's not in use, so you're better able to battle the harmful particles encountered every day. The drawstring closure ensures a tight seal while your mask is in your tote bag or purse. That way, the mask is kept safe from harmful particles before you wear it, and you're kept safe from any harmful particles on the mask after it is worn. Available in multiple colours, match the bag to your mask to create a stylish set.

Reusable, washable, and adjustable, the inexpensive cloth masks are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than disposable masks, two key advantages of being able to re-wear them. Masks and filters are an affordable, cheap price to help everyone breathe a little easier.


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