Photobooth Props & Accessories

Photobooth Props & Accessories

Something is charming and fun about the pictures snapped in a photo booth. 

They draw out the joy in people and allow them to move away from stiff smiles and poses. With a wide range of backdrops in different materials and styles available to make the pictures pop, your guests can snap some great shots at the shower. Some of our backdrops are more chic, plain white with beautiful printed designs or sayings on them. Others are playful and colorful, like our fabric sequin or mylar foil fringe curtains. Here on this page, you’ll find all the cute and practical accessories you need to set up your own inexpensive bridal shower photo booth. Included with our accessories selection is a polaroid-style frame the guests can stand behind to give your setup a real photo booth vibe.

Nowadays, there are many options available for picture taking. Each has its unique benefits for the shower photo booth. The shower planners can get a Polaroid camera to get pictures they can keep in a polaroid book right at the event. That way, guests can see the results right away. Depending on the size of the party, some bride’s can set up someone to be the booth photographer, either a family member, friend, or hired photographer, to snap the shots for the duration of the party. With a digital camera or phone camera, the bride can set up a bridal shower hashtag and get all of the pictures from the booth tagged so they’re all in one easy-to-view place. Alternatively, you can set out a basket of disposable cameras, and guests can take pictures and can fill up the camera with shots from around the party venue. This method is fun because it’s more spontaneous and the bride and guests won’t see the results until later when you develop the film.

Prevent boring staged shots and invite your guests to use cool props and other accessories to spice up the pictures. Available at a cheap price, guests can hold up paper cardstock props, like novelty glasses, signs, and hats, in front of them for easy photo enhancement. These props are on a stick, so they’re easy to hold and make posing easy.


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